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Experts in Safe Workspaces

 We are planners, trainers and consultants who understand how critical a safe workplace and well-trained workforce are to your organization. A safety-first culture is the key to keeping your company operating efficiently, cost-effectively and liability-free. 

Our services promote the value and importance of a safe work environment by instilling a safety mindset in your staff that translates into a willingness to go the extra mile by:

  • Removing physical safety hazards from the environment.
  • Consciously being aware of safety techniques and practices.
  • Pro-actively keeping other employees safe and secure. 


Occupational Safety is Everywhere


Every area of your workplace offers potential challenges to the safety of your workforce. From the air to the ground to tools and machinery,  each element has its own safety practices and procedures. Stop problems before they start by maintaining a safe work environment.

Our most popular on-site safety services include: 

  • Program Design & Development
  • Fall Protection
  • Confined Space Entry & Rescue
  • Job Hazard Assessments
  • Monitoring & Sampling
  • Hazard Control 
  • Accident Investigation / Root Cause Analysis 
  • Industrial Hygiene 
  • On-Site Drug Screening 

Need a suite of services for a one-time or ongoing program? We can custom design the program, data and tools to meet your needs! 

Develop a Psychology of Safety

People work safest when they understand the need for safe work habits and accept the responsibility for their own safety in the workplace, while employers  must understand the complexity of human behavior. We call it the Psychology of Safety. Building this safety-first psychology happens best when management and staff recognize that it is a crucial part of their success and create employee training and systems that instill and reinforce it.

ISS experts can help by:

  • Assessing your existing safety environment & psychology. 
  • Building a customized, realistic education plan and curriculum. 
  • Providing safety materials (signage, forms, videos, five-minute webinars, etc.). 
  • Conducting supplemental training as needed.
  • Providing periodic review and counseling to maintain your momentum.




Quality safety training is the key to quality safety in the workplace. Start or enhance your safety program with fast-paced, easy-to-understand and interesting programs that hold your staff’s attention and give them the knowledge they need to be successful. Our trainers are experienced experts who transform abstract ideas into actionable, adoptable programs for the workplace, and intricate government rules and regulations into practical procedures for senior staff. 

Whether it involves a one-time session or an ongoing program, ISS can custom design a training program that meets your needs! 

Staffing: A Temporary Solution for as Long as You Need It

Everybody needs an extra hand now and then. But you don’t need the costs and paperwork that come with hiring. ISS can provide a solution by embedding contract staff and field personnel in your operation. We handle the paperwork while you enjoy the benefits of having a trained, experienced hand in your company for only as long as you need them. 

We keep a variety of experts on call for short- and long-term assignments. Chances are we have just the person you’re looking for. Let’s talk to see how ISS can help you fill the gap. 


WONDERING WHERE Your Organization Stands?


Take advantage of our special discount for an on-site gap assessment to see where your company may be vulnerable and how you can stop problems before they start. 

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